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Career Opportunities at Point of Care Consults

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Qualification Required : qualifi require

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Experience Required : 2 yrs Years

Qualification Required : Physician assistants are formally educated to examine patients, diagnose injuries and illnesses, and provide treatment.

Skills Required: interview and examine patients to determine a diagnosis.

Job Description : The services that physician assistants provide may include diagnostic evaluations, therapeutic remediation, surgical assistance, and pharmaceutical prescription. They practice medicine in every setting and in every specialty.

Experience Required : 5 yrs Years

Qualification Required : Experience providing primary care and diagnostic services in a clinical setting.

Skills Required: Work with the primary healthcare team to provide patients with primary medical care services within the standard of care for Internal Medicine patients.

Job Description : We are looking for a certified Physician to join our expanding primary care team and provide patients with high-quality treatment and diagnostic services. The ideal candidate is an intuitive healthcare professional whose diagnostic abilities are only matched by their concern for their patients. The person in the Physician role will be responsible for meeting, assessing and diagnosing patients in our clinic and providing them with healthcare services that meet state and national standards for caregiving. They will be responsible for prescribing patients with appropriate medication, health regimens and lifestyle adjustments that will contribute to their recovery from diagnosed health issues, prevent future health issues and/or promote a healthier life. The right candidate will have a passion for providing diagnostic services to patients and will enjoy working closely with other healthcare professionals in our organization.